Two cores good, 192 cores better. The history and future of digital media is the story of computer processing power. And the industry is still giving us better, faster, stronger.

In this interview,  media agency GroupM’s visionary chairman Irwin Gotlieb ruminated with Beet.TV on where chip engineering is taking media.

“Qualcomm just put out the  Snapdragon 805 quad-core – it is capable of capturing and processing 4k video,” Gotlieb says.

“Samsung, in their Galaxy, is powering some of their higher-end devices with a proprietary chip that Samsung built – it’s an octo-core.

“If you think that’s a lot, there’s a new graphics card out by Nvidia; it only does video rendering – 192 cores. That’s probably more power than you had in a super-computer way, way less than a decade ago.”