Advertisers should think of basic 15- and 30-second digital video ads as the “blank canvas” for interactive creative ad engagements, according to an executive from video ad tech vendor Videology.

“There’s a second layer of optimization around the interaction with the audience,” product GM Rich Astley tells Beet.TV. He says Videology’s own technology offers basic interactivity for video ads, but it also allows more sophisticated in-video interaction formats like dynamic end-frame delivery from vendors like Innovid.

“We like to be as open as possible to those different creative integrations in the industry – brands often have a very unique preferences,” Astley says.

“There’s a technology race on to win in cross-screen addressability. There’s only going to be a few winners in this.”

Astley was interviewed by Furious Minds CEO Ashley Swartz at Beet.TV’s TV Programmatic Summit, hosted at Xaxis and presented by Videology.