LONDON — To continue its strong growth path, the video business needs to ensure campaigns are viewable and accountable across all sites, says Nick Reid, Managing Director of the United Kingdom for video ad buying platform TubeMogul in an interview with Beet.TV. “The market isn’t quite what it should be when it comes to viewability,” he tells us in this video interview.

That’s why TubeMogul paired up with BrightRoll, Innovid, LiveRail and SpotXchange earlier this year to develop open source tools to measure online video viewability. That consortium has since grown to 27 businesses including Nielsen and Adap.TV, among others. The goal behind the consortium is to ensure video isn’t plagued by some of the challenges the display business has faced with viewability and performance, he says.

“The importance of transparency and viewability is global. It’s important that advertisers have faith the ad has been delivered and seen,” he says. The tools the consortium created can measure how long the ad appeared on a page and how long users viewed the ad. Advertisers can also track viewing across devices. “We want to give faith to marketers that video is more accountable,” he says.