It is time for the DVR to go, says Jim Nail, Principal Analyst at Forrester Research in this interview with Ashley J. Swartz for Beet.TV. “Killing off the DVR is the best thing the industry could do right now…because of the ridiculous discussions of C3, C7. Why not just deliver it online and insert the ad to the audience watching it,” he says.

In addition, DVR penetration is slowing down, and Forrester’s Research find that 25% of consumers with DVRs don’t watch anything on them, while another 30% only watch about five shows a month on the DVR. “Is it worth the etxra $5 to $10 a month?”

Nail also expects that marketers will be drawn into deeper business discussions around media modeling, revenue lift, share of voice and other topics as cross-screen advertising and measurement progresses. For more insight into OCR and measurement, check out this video interview. During the discussion, Nail is joined by Andrew Feigenson of Nielsen, SVP Digital Client Services at Nielsen, and Amanda Richman, President, Investment and Activation, Starcom USA.

Beet.TV spoke to Nail recently in New York at the Beet.TV summit on cross-platform monetization hosted by Starcom MediaVest Group and sponsored by Dailymotion. In this earlier interview, Nail dived into the future of the DVR in greater detail.