We’re not there yet, but the days of the digital video recorder (DVR) are numbered, according to Forrester’s principal analyst covering online TV and advertising.

“Up to this point, the DVR has been main alternative to linear television – it has trained consumers to get whatever they want whenever they want it,” Jim Nail tells Beet.TV in this video interview.

“Consumers aren’t quite ready to jump in, both feet, to online. As consumers get more and more in to dabbling with online and they find new sources and new ways to get it, I believe that, ultimately, online can kill off the DVR.”

Nail just published a report on the topic for Forrester.

He also says advertising should consider the unique characteristics of individual new platforms in a holistic marketing mix. Watch the full video for more of his great insight.

Nail was speaking at the Beet.TV summit on cross-platform monetization, hosted by Starcom MediaVest Group and sponsored by Dailymotion.