NEW YORK — Nielsen is releasing a software developers kit (SDK) to help video publishers validate their cross-platform ad views with the measurement firm’s campaign ratings metrics that are increasingly important to advertisers.

The outfit is making the kit available in beta.

“The way we measure for TV today is, there are watermarks that get embedded in content – we hear that in our (measurement) panel,” Nielsen’s digital client services SVP Andrew Feigenson tells Beet.TV in this video interview.

“(But), for listening to the fragmentation of digital, that’s difficult. We’re going to leverage this SDK as a way of recognising content – then we’ll connect back to Facebook to understand the audiences exposed to that content.”

The validated views appear in Nielsen’s Digital Program Ratings and Online Campaign Ratings (OCR) for advertisers to measure popularity against. It’s a big move in the popularization of the OCR standard Nielsen unveiled a year and a half ago and which is steadily becoming the sector’s default measuring metric.

Feigenson is interviewed for Beet.TV by Furious Minds CEO Ashley J. Swartz at the Beet.TV summit on cross-platform monetization, hosted by Starcom MediaVest Group and sponsored by Dailymotion.