Nielsen’s Bradford: TV & Online Measurement Are Coming Together

LONDON — One medium has long relied on imprecise, demographic viewer measuring; the other boasts super-detailed data-driven insight. But TV and internet channels are learning to hybridize the ways they quantify advertising audiences, one exec says. Nielsen media client consulting VP Andrew Bradford tells Beet.TV how TV joint industry committees in Germany and the UK […]


Perform Group’s Wilson: TV Metrics Work For Online Video Buyers

LONDON — For a medium so dependent on digital data, it is no wonder the internet has lately seen the rise of super-targeted, highly-efficient “programmatic” ad-buying. But that hasn’t stopped the re-emergence of old-style TV ad-measuring metrics like gross rating point. “When you’re in TV, you’re told ‘there’ll be no such thing as TV’,” sports […]


Nielsen’s Ad-Measuring SDK ‘Listens For Watermarks In Content’

NEW YORK — Nielsen is releasing a software developers kit (SDK) to help video publishers validate their cross-platform ad views with the measurement firm’s campaign ratings metrics that are increasingly important to advertisers. The outfit is making the kit available in beta. “The way we measure for TV today is, there are watermarks that get […]


Nielsen’s Online Campaign Ratings Boosts Video Targeting

Working with Nielsen’s OCR ratings can help brands make better predictions about the best ads to target to different consumers, says Teg Genager, Founder and Chief Product Officer at Adap.TV, during an an interview with Ashley Swartz, CEO of NY digital consultancy Furious Minds and a regular contributor to Beet.TV. Adap.TV paired up with Nielsen in April […]