AMSTERDAM — The upcoming HEVC video compression codec promises to cut streaming files by up to 50% without losing quality. But what if you could go 30% to 50% smaller again? That’s what brand-new video tech startup Beamr Video is promising.

Launched at the recent IBC show after four years in development, Beamr’s technology, which runs on Linux servers, borrows from still-image compression’s core technique – shrinking flabby files by seeking out and eliminating redundant areas.

“Take a full-HD, 1080p movie streaming at 6Mbps – we can opt that movie all the way down to 3Mbps and the movie wilt look exactly the same,” CEO and founder Sharon Carmel told Beet.TV in this video interview at the show.

Readers scoffing that Beamr itself may be redundant by the time HEVC gains widespread adoption, listen up – Carmel claims his patent-pending tech can cut the file sizes not just of standard H.264-encoded video but of HEVC vids, too.

Watch the full video interview for how bandwidth costs could be cut down to size.