ABC News re-engineered its iPad app last year to present info in the morning and video in the evening, because data showed video consumption skewed later.

“Our ABC News users on our tablet apps consume five times more video than users on our desktop site per session,” ABC News Digital’s product development VP Doug Vance tells Beet.TV in this video interview.

“Users are using them at home, at night, sitting on the couch, in bed. Mobile offers us the ability to connect with users our outside of these traditional viewing patterns between 9 and 5.”

That data correlates with other hour-by-hour consumption figures seen by peer publishers and broadcasters. But, last year, ABC News actually rebuilt its own iPad app as a result,  catering to evening users with dayparting that added an end-of-day “Daily Rewind” video recap.

Last week, the broadcaster also refreshed its smaller, smartphone apps to introduce personalized notifications to a new inbox, and to add the video dayparting idea from the tablet experience. Vance says “utility” like this is key to mobile products.

Watch the full interview with Vance here, or watch ABC News mobile product head Peter Roybal talk in depth about the new apps.