AMSTERDAM — The upcoming successor to the popular H.264 video standard could save video content owners money on encoding by reducing file sizes by up to 50 percent. But, so far, adoption of High-Efficiency Video Compression (HEVC) has been slow.

“The key challenge around HEVC today is to put all of the pieces together,” says Rovi product management director Sam Orton-Jay.

“Whilst ‘end-to-end’ is one of the most over-used terms… the only way to start delivering HEVC’s cost benefits to consumers today is to work across the supply chain.”

At the IBC show, Rovi unveiled more details of how it has become one of the first big players to commit to the standard, offering support through the latest version of its DivX suite.

“Div X certification allows us to work with IC vendors and device manufacturers to certify HEVC playback in those devices… which means we can guarantee a consistent playback experience,” Orton-Jay adds.

He also said Rovi technology can save up to 30 percent on some such encoding tasks.