Kaltura CEO: Our Customers want a Full-Blown “Netflix-in-a-Box” Solution

Moving beyond a Web video portal, many of video services company Kaltura’s media customers are creating full-blown, highly transactional video sites — destinations CEO Ron Yekutiel refers to as a sort of “Hulu or Netflix” in-a-box.  For media companies, the move to these sophisticated platforms can “cut out the middleman” and allow content owners to […]


Video Services Company Kaltura Eyes Markets Bigger than Media

Nevermind TV — is the opportunity for online video larger outside of the conventional mediascape? That’s what video  services firm Kaltura’s CEO thinks. “By 2016, every employee of large companies is going to consume 16 hours a month for work-related activities,” Ron Yekutiel tells Beet.TV in this video interview. “As the workplace becomes consumerized — people […]


Kaltura Finds Broad Adoption of Video Solution in Higher Education & the Enterprise

Online video technology provider Kaltura sees a growing business line in the growing movement to revolutionize education. The firm, which began by offering open-source software, has been offering its services to colleges for some time. But CEO and co-founder Ron Yekutiel reckons there is further promise in the “flipped classroom” movement, in which students would […]