AMSTERDAM — These days, it seems like hardware manufacturers are pushing out a new mobile or TV device every other day. For video content companies, that is a tremendous opportunity – but reaching the plethora of gadgets can also be a headache.

“One of the key complexities is fragmentation of devices on the market,” Accedo CEO Michael Lantz tells Beet.TV in this video interview during the IBC show. “You have mobile devices, tablet devices, connect TVs, game consoles – and there will be multiple other devices coming up in the future.

“All these devices have different life cycles … this starts quickly to be really, really complex.”

Any content owner will attest to the argument – proliferation of device and platform standards can be a headache.

Lantz’s Stockholm-based Accedo is trying to solve the problem with its technology that gives owners branded video apps and manages updates of those apps across the constantly-changing device landscape.

Customers include Fox, HBO, the UK’s Channel 4 and Norway’s  TV2, whilst telcos like Orange also have Accedo’s help building video services.