Right now, some premium online video publishers remain sceptical that programmatic digital ad-buying models are the best approach to sell their advertising space.

But one top-level exec in the space believes many of them will become convinced once early adopters’ success stories come down the pipe.

“The more marketers start trumpeting the value they get out of having the ability to target their core audience very accurately, coupled with great contextual content against which to serve the ads… I think the premium publishers will see a way to extend more of the inventory in to the programmatic space,” Chris Paul, GM of the Publicis-owned digital unit VivaKi’s Audience On-Demand division told Beet.TV’s recent Chicago programmatic video ad strategies summit.

Though some premium publishers may prefer to sell their own ad space in traditional display fashion, Paul assured: “They will be able to take advantage of the efficiencies that we see in the programmatic buying process.”

Paul was interviewed at the summit by Furious Minds CEO Ashley J. Schwartz. Watch the video for more.