NEW YORK — This year, we are hearing plenty about how video advertisers are trying to reach audiences through integrated campaigns covering both TV and online platforms.

But Dailymotion’s North America GM Roland Hamilton tells Beet.TV online video can be a stellar reach mechanism in its own right.

“There are pockets of content out there that aren’t necessarily tied to an offline component,” Hamilton says in this video interview at Beet.TV’s Video Ad Effectiveness Summit.

“These have massive audiences around them – that’s an interesting area, to reach people that aren’t necessarily watching a ton of television, especially in the younger demographics. You see these viewing habits changing and see things bubbling up from online – as opposed to going from offline to online.”

Hamilton told interviewer, Furious Minds CEO Ashley J. Swartz, the French-headquartered video site has Red Bull and Virgin Mobile on board, trying to reach younger viewers in just this way – by broadcasting its Freefest music festival, in the latter’s case.