The ad industry is fond of considering video inventory either low-grade fodder or “premium”. But Mindshare’s North America Chief Strategy Officer Jordan Bitterman tells Beet.TV the distinction depends on the goals of the advertiser.

“One marketer may say ‘premium’ content has to be shot by a famous director, has got to have celebrity talent on it, has to be running on a first-rate distributor,” Bitterman tells Beet.TV’s Video Ad Effectiveness Summit in this taped interview.

“Other content (that) they may deem non-premium, another marketer may say ‘That’s fine’. Yes it’s on YouTube, yes it’s made by a studio that only 5% of the public and 10% of the ad community has ever even heard of before – but it meets the criteria of what my brand is all about – that could still be ‘premium’.”

Bitterman was speaking with event moderator Ashley J. Swartz, CEO and founder of Furious Minds. Watch the video for more insights.  The event sponsored by Nielsen.