Innovid CEO Zvika Netter has spent the last six years trying to help agencies make video ads interactive. Now he claims most video ads in that category pass through Innovid‘s systems – but the next challenge is looming.

“Eighty percent of the interactive video being served … is run through our servers… used by our tool, iRoll, which stands for interactive pre-roll,” Netter tells Beet.TV in this video interview. The outfit helps agencies jazz up their pre-roll ads for user engagement and passes them on to big video destinations like YouTube and Hulu.

“Once we established the concept of interactivity within video, which is becoming standard today, we were looking for where is next frontier. Obviously, its multi-screen.”

Netter tells us making video ads interactive for the web is one thing – but ensuring engaging video ads can work across the booming plethora of devices at scale is tricky. “This is becoming very, very fragmented … it’s a lot of execution issues.”

Last week, Innovid and TubeMogul rereleased this report showing consumers claim higher brand awareness, message recall and purchase intent for products marketed using interactive ads compared with standard pre-rolls.