VidCon Intros Viacom To Teen TV Talent

Its core business is owning TV channels and movie studios – so why has Viacom bought in to the conference business? Connections, according to the man at the center of the deal. Back in February, the MTV owner – which is itself the target of a takeover by CBS – acquired eight-year-old VidCon, which examines how […]


Viacom Digital Studios Makes Digital Content NewFronts Debut

Viacom Digital Studios was unveiled this week at its first Digital Content NewFronts. It’s the latest in a series of “really big investments” by Viacom that include WhoSay in the influencer marketing space and the VidCon talent and fan event. “What we really want people to walk away with is that Viacom has amazing capabilities,” […]


Orabrush’s Jeffrey Harmon: YouTube is Way More Effective than TV for Small Businesses

ANAHEIM — Orabrush was “the first company to figure out how to commercialize YouTube using YouTube’s commercial tools to get an ROI on a product,” says company co-founder and head of marketing Jeffrey Harmon. We spoke with Harmon at VidCon to find out more about how Orabrush has utilized YouTube to sell product and become […]


VidCon 2013 Breaks Records, Draws 12,000 Online Video Creators & Fans

ANAHEIM — Over the weekend, YouTube creators and fans gathered at the annual VidCon convention to celebrate online video. We had the opportunity to speak with VidCon co-founder John Green to find out more about the convention and some of the other projects he’s working on. John and Hank Green, the VlogBrothers, started YouTube in […]


Big Frame’s Sarah Penna On The Role of Multi-Channel Networks

ANAHEIM — One of the biggest themes at VidCon this year was Multi-Channel Networks (MCNs), like Maker Studios, Fullscreen, Machinima, Revision3 and others, and their role in the YouTube ecosystem. We spoke with Sarah Penna, Co-founder and Chief Creative Officer of media company and MCN Big Frame to find out more about these networks in […]