The world of advertising buying is becoming a binary distinction between classical media buys and the booming world of programmatic, real-time bidding, which sees systems automatically buy and sell space based on pre-loaded criteria.

Now one of the online video display ad space’s biggest players, Videology, has re-tooled its platform to offer both. Its new release, codenamed “Descartes”, adds  real-time bidding.

Videology advertising products GM Rich Astley tells Beet.TV in this video interview the firm now has a “reservation platform” to offer buying of traditional guaranteed video advertising spots and a “bid engine”.

“We’ve been hearing a lot, as TV buyers and video buyers are converging, that they really need a tool that can cater to both,” Astley says.

The new release is the latest in a series from ad tech companies hoping to offer services across, and aggregations of, more parts of the ad-buying chain. Read more on Videology’s update by David Kaplan at AdExchanger.