CHICAGO — So-called “programmatic” ad-buying tactics, which let ad planners reach tightly defined audiences using efficient targeting and buying technology, has come a long way. Now the next challenge for programmatic algorithms will be learning to connect with creatives, says one digital ad leader.

“Today, media is always outpaced from a technology perspective relative to creative,” Publicis’ VivaKi digital unit products president Kurt Unkel told Furious Minds CEO Ashley Schwartz in this taped interview at Beet.TV’s programmatic video advertising summit.

“Crafting stories that really communicate to people in a cadence that will make sense is … going to be something that, over the next 12 to 18 months, as an industry, we’re going to see a lot of focus on.”

Unkel said connecting programmatic tactics that are booming with creativity ad divisions would become more important. He added about 30% to 40% of digital video ads served by VivaKi were delivered using addressable techniques.