CANNES — “Programmatic” ad-buying techniques are seeing “immense” adoption around the world – and can particularly save money for advertisers in smaller countries, according to one exec in the space.

“In a territory market that’s a much smaller population … operational costs are a much, much bigger percentage of the overall media spend,” Rubicon Project’s international VP Jay Stevens tells Beet.TV in this video interview.

“Publishers and agencies alike are really forced to become more innovative with the way they think about the execution and the the systems behind how those buys take place. That’s one of the reasons we’re seeing immense adoption all over the world. Outside the US is perhaps the most exciting place where programmatic is taking root.”

Rubicon Project is one of the leading exponents of automated, real-time buying and selling of online advertising space.

Stevens was speaking with Beet.TV during the recent Cannes Lions festival at a rooftop session on programmatic buying organized by Rubicon Project.