Kiip, a mobile rewards app, allows brands to connect with consumers by surprising them with tangible rewards for things they do already in the virtual space, like playing a game, logging a run or completing a to-do list. Beet.TV spoke with Kiip Founder and CEO Brian Wong in this video interview at the Digitas NewFront 2013 in New York.

“In indicating these moments, how do we bring brands in meaningfully without them annoying you? And this was through the reward that we realized was the unit of engagement,” Wong says.

“What people are doing is they’re playing a game because they want to be entertained, or they’re using a to-do list because they want to be productive. There’s no additional reason or incentive, and so for us, it was about preserving that,” he says. “I don’t want to dangle a carrot; I don’t want to give you an incentive to do these things. I want to let you do it and then the brand can come in and surprise and delight you.”