Innovid, a New York-based  provider of interactive video ad technology, recently launched a program with with Sony Crackle to serve ads across multiple devices. Beet.TV spoke with CTO and co-founder Tal Chalozin about this and other company developments in this video interview.

“The premise is that marketers that want to reach their audience can focus on finding the right audience and delivering the commercial without thinking in silos – without thinking, ‘this is a online video, this is a mobile video or this is a connected TV video or gaming console.'”

Disney is the first advertiser to use this new technology. For Disney’s recent movie Oz the Great and Powerful, Disney earned 300 percent more time spent and 6.7 percent of viewers engaged with the interactive ad, Chalozin says.

A recent study by Innovid involving 50 interactive ad campaigns for theatrical releases found that 15 out of 20 opening weekend top-grossing films were using the technology and over 4.5 percent of viewers engaged with the interactive ad, compared to the industry average reported by Google of 0.67 percent.