LONDON – For zeebox, the free “TV sidekick” app, being available for Android devices has been a longtime desire – and a challenge, says Anthony Rose, co-founder and CTO of zeebox. Beet.TV spoke with him in this video interview in London.

Statistics show that there are more Android smartphones than iPhones in the U.S. – but building for Android is more challenging, Rose says.

“The problem is, mileage is variable on Android. There are variable screen sizes; there’s the multiple OS versions; people take way longer to upgrade their OS’s than they do in iOS,” says Rose. “When iOS 6 comes out, within a month or two, 85 percent or more of people are running OS 6. On Android, there are people running Android 4, and there are huge numbers running Android 2.3.”

Due to rise in consumer demand, Rose says zeebox is trying to increase Android development and create a Android tablet version of the app.

– Katy Charles