LAS VEGAS – HEVC technology, a successor to the H.264 video compression standard, will soon be available on Rovi’s tri-fold plan aims to bring HEVC into the mainstream market.

By making this compression standard readily available on, consumers will be able access technology once reserved for professionals. Users can encode, decode and playback content in Rovi’s DivX player.

Professionals will be able incorporate the compression technology into workflows via MainConcept. Additionally, the DivX certification program will be using HEVC; this will ensure that consumer electronic companies can use this compression technology effectively. Rovi’s Eric Grab, VP of technology, outlined this plan in an interview with Beet.TV at NAB.

Grab also announced two new developments at Rovi: the DivX Video System, which supports HEVC, and a beta program for professional users through MainConcept.

– Katy Charles