LAS VEGAS – The tools for creating 3-D programming will soon become available to "mid-tail" video producers with the imminent introduction of a new camera from Panasonic.

At the NAB conference in Las Vegas, we got a peak at the industry's first 3-D HD camcorder.   The Panasonic camera will sell for under $23,000.  We got this rundown and demo from Panasonic's Jan Crittenden.

The files can be edited with FinalCut Pro. So, with the camera gear, the editing program, and a powerful Mac, producers can get into the 3-D production game for under $30k, we figure.

Seems to us that there will be interest in this gear from scripted video shows and films as well as for sports and performances video producers.  Not sure for video journalism, but you never know.

The camera will go on sale this Fall.

Andy Plesser, Executive Producer