While an entire industry has been created to measure the impact of conventional advertising on brand perception and purchasing, there is very little methodology around the impact of online video advertising.

Vizu provides publishers and marketers with information on how ads are effecting brand "lift."  I spoke with Dan Beltramo, CEO last month at the Beet.TV Online Video Roundtable at the Adobe offices in San Francisco.

The San Francisco-based company is tracking the impact of video ads for Burger King, Hilton, Warner Brothers and other prestige marketers

Last month in LA we caught up with comScore Chairman Gian Fulgoni who told us that online video provides a dramatic impact on consumer behavior. .

Vizu is funded by prominent angels.  Its first VC round was lead by Draper Fisher Jurvetson.

Omniture Following Video Views

In a related development to video advertising and measurement, Omniture will track views for viral video.  Eric Eldon reports on this at Venture Beat today.

— Andy Plesser, Executive Producer

Follows is an automated, unedited transcript of the interview.  Paragraph breaks have been manually inserted:

…metrics for online video advertising hasn't been flat right now there's there's a huge craving for it and there isn't a good standard yet what we're trying to solve — become the the standard every day measurement metric system for online video advertising and the reason we're doing that is that were.

Trying to help our publishers and ad networks attract more brand advertisers online brands will spend money when they can measure and be confident and what they're buying. For them.

Andy:  So what do they want to know and what do you tell. So what they want to know is how these video ads are changing people's perceptions.

And the and the way that we measure that is what symmetrical Brand lift. Brand lift as the percentage increase in the primary objective of the campaign it's flexible and a sense that. They can measured the increase in awareness and increasing purchasing — increased and — favorability or any particular attributes so. We showed advertisers. How each of their different ads is driving their primary objective and — tell — com.

How it that power reforms and not only which dad. But based on how many times people see it and what contact they see it. How important is this to the development of the business is sort of a metric. I think — overgrown online video space succeed there's.

There's growth right now because there's a lot of investment but for the long term sustainability there's gotta be. And advertising model that's what pulls it through we saw a lot of people speaking today. About all the technology and infrastructure but. That's all great and and and necessary but not. — in the US and Spain businessmen sustains this advertising.

And the advertisers just need to feel confident that that. That the dollars in spending are delivering value back to them and we can't let that video on mine. Online video following the same trap that that dissuaded with the wrong metrics so. Direct response online work very well good metrics friend advertising online is suffering because it doesn't happen right it's and we want to get on the advertising.