and CNN International had received 88 million page views by 3 p.m. this afternoon, three to four times more than on an average weekday, Executive Vice President of CNN News Services Susan Grant told Beet.TV. Live, which has four simultaneous live streams, had generated 1.6 million views domestically and internationally–seven times higher than an average full day, she says.

Since the election results won’t be known until late tonight or tomorrow, she said she expects tomorrow’s traffic to be even higher.

Cnnlogo_2 Andy interviewed Grant at the CNN headquarters this afternoon. She told him election day concerns were focused on the site’s capacity to handle the traffic, but that it was handling it fine so far.

In the segment, she also discusses CNN’s mobile offerings, including its live video feed available through AT&T and Sprint.

Andy and I are blogging from the CNN Grill party where bloggers are watching CNN’s live coverage.

Kelsey Blodget, Associate Producer

Update: 11/5 8:30 am.  See our newer post about record numbers for CNN and demand for services from Akamai.

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