As video integration into newspaper and magazine Web sites accelerates, many wonder if in-stream advertising will prove to be profitable.  We know that many of the big newspaper publishers are expanding video offerings but most are not yet successful in selling ads in or around their clips.

But are in-stream ads the total value proposition of video?  Adam Berrey, VP of Brightcove, who speaks in this clip from the Beet.TV Online Video Roundtable, begs to differ.

He says that video is an essential part of a successful web site and
the greater value is the ultimate success of the site and the value of
its audience. Good video makes for a better site.  Amen.

Perhaps a
corollary would be newspapers using photography to make a richer
experience, but not selling ads on the photo?  After all, video production costs have become close to still photography for some publishers who are using inexpensive video cameras.

Another Win for Brighcove with CondeNet

Today, Brightcove announced an agreement with CondeNet to provide video services for its properties.  The company has been on a roll lately with recent deals.  See Beet.TV’s reports on its recent agreements with The New York Times and AOL.

Video Has Value to Marketers Beyond the Pre-Roll, Execs Say

For marketers, the value of online video is not necessarily in-stream ads either, as is pointed out in the conversation by Bud Rosenthal, the CEO of TurnHere, the producer/syndicator of informational videos created for corporate clients.  Bud makes his comments in the beginning of this segment.

Shoba Purushothaman, CEO of The NewsMarket, a company which distributes corporate videos, makes a similar point.  Online video is a powerful tool for marketers — and getting the point across with information vs. conventional advertising can work very well.

This part of the roundtable was moderated by Erick Schonfeld, co-editor of TechCrunch.

Addendum…Can you Digg this?

Some publishers like Revision3 are making progress with selling "in-program" advertising to sponsors and doing very well, reports Peter Kafka in his MediaMemo on AllthingsD this morning.

11:13 Update:  Great post about the monetization of online video by Mark Hopkins on Mashable.  Check it out.

Andy Plesser, Executive Producer