New Google/MySpace Cross Publishing Program Could be Huge Boost in Battle for Online Video

We just learned from insiders at Google that they have launched a very powerful new functionality to their video platform.  We see it as a big step in Google’s battle to gain market share from YouTube and others in the exploding world of online video.

Implemented just a few hours ago (June 29), public visitors to Google Video can easily "blog videos" — meaning that registered blog owners or MySpace members can publish a Google Video directly to their publishing platforms.   

YouTube provides a similar functionality but it only allows uploads to Blogger and LiveJournal.  Google allows uploads to MySpace and TypePad, as well as LiveJournal and Blogger. (Of course bloggers can scrape the source code of Flash video from YouTube and paste into their blogs, but this new Google utility is a big leap forward.)

Beet.TV is published on TypePad. We easily created a post on Google with the Paris Hilton video and uploaded it to our vlog. We think this is very cool.  We expect that video clips from Google will soon appear on many blogs and that will accelerate the use of video on blogs and on MySpace and on other social networking sites. 

Although the Google Video library is not nearly as big as YouTube, there is a great deal of quality and authoritative content. This functionality will pertain to clips that can be shared, and not restricted content.

We were in Mountain View a couple weeks back to interview Hunter Walk
on new functionality with Google Video.  We had no idea that he and his
pals had this up their sleeves.  We think this is very important.

Hope Paris Doesn’t Crash the Servers

My contact at Google told me the downloads of the Paris Hilton video are massive.  Good thing the Googleplex has so many servers around the globe to manage the traffic! After all, Google told Beet.TV that they want to host all the world’s videos.

Note to Our Viewers:  Paris Hilton is not our idea of culture, natch. You might want to turn the speakers way down for this clip.  Also, the "share" functionality for posting a video to blog is not in the player, it’s on the individual page that hosts the video. Here’s the page with the Paris Hilton video.

The New York Times “Screens” blog by Virginia Heffernan raves about the new Paris video
and gives a nice shout-out to Beet.TV! Wow.

—  Andy Plesser


Andy and Kate at the Googleplex

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