Kate and I were absolutely stunned and delighted to see the Wall Street Journal credited Beet.TV’s scoop on Robert Scoble leaving Microsoft
to go to PodTech. We saw the article
online from our little production booth at around 3:00 PST on Sunday afternoon at the Vloggercon
conference in San Francisco. We fell off our chairs. What an
incredible moment for our two-month old vlog!

Robert Scoble getting the download just as the Journal story
went live

Our new friend Havi Hoffman from Yahoo! told us to save the
document.  We didn’t, we were too excited
and figured it was up forever and would be printed the next day, but alas, the
story was edited for length and the reference to Beet.TV was gone! So it goes.

Thanks very much to Journal reporter Rebecca Buckman for
giving us the plug. 

We eventually found the WSJ story, with Beet attribution, buried in the Dow Jones database.  How cool is this!

More Beet juice on Dow Jones related to our interview with Hunter Walk at Google.

— Andy Plesser

Kate and Andy with the WSJ story live on our laptop at Vloggercon

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