In a neighboring Chelsea art gallery last week, Samsung had a little show for some of its newest digital devices.  David took our non-HD Panasonic over for this report.

He got a demonstration of the not yet released Samsung HMX20, a small and powerful camcorder with an 8GB internal Flash memory drive and a slot for more.   The  camera can shoot in full HD for 90 minutes. 

By full HD, this means the camera shoots in 1080p in 30 or 60 frames per second.  Samsung’s first Flash memory camcorder shoots in 720p.

Camcorders with Flash memory use less battery life. I am told that the camera can shoot for 90 minutes on one charge. It also has 4 megapixel digital camera which interpolates up to 8 megapixel images.

The new camcorder, which was announced at CES in January, will ship in May and it has suggested retail price of $899, we have learned.  We have the first video demo of camera right here on the purple channel.

Nor sure if this is the best HD camera for the price, and we are not gear experts at Beet.TV, but it sure looks like the shift to HD is becoming inevitable and affordable for many of us in content creating world.

David also saw an impressive LCD monitor that allows users to access RSS feeds through a remote.

Update: Canon has just come out with Flash camcorder.  Check out this video review on CNET

— Andy Plesser