“Utopia” Of Programmatic TV is Getting Closer: TubeMogul’s Eadie

SAN FRANCISCO – The holy grail of mass-market TV through which advertisers can target individual viewers is coming nearer as better and better ad tech improves prospects, says one company playing in this emerging area. “We obviously don’t have that utopic state in linear TV right now,” says TubeMogul CMO Keith Eadie in this video. […]


UK TV Networks Not Yet Embracing Programmatic: TubeMogul’s Reid

CANNES, France — Whilst the online operations of many UK news publishers are now adopting different kinds of so-called “programmatic” ad trading mechanisms, those of the country’s commercial broadcasters are apparently farther behind. “Not all broadcasters are embracing a programmatic approach,” according to Nick Reid, UK MD of the programmatic video ad platform TubeMogul. “We […]


TubeMogul’s Mondelēz Deal Points To Big-Brand Programmatic

CANNES, France — Programmatic video ad tech platform operator TubeMogul used the Cannes Lions festival to announce food brand Mondelēz International would use its services to buy and serve all of its video ads. “Programmatic is getting to be less scary,” says TubeMogul’s CEO Brett Wilson. “You’re seeing more brands embrace it directly. “It doesn’t mean they’re […]


Price Pressure on Video Ads Fuels Viewability and Fraud Problems, TubeMogul’s Wilson

Does the adage “you get what you pay for” ring true when it comes to online video advertising? Although advertisers are often keen to drive down the prices they pay in a world now threatened by fake views, TubeMogul CEO Brett Wilson warns that logic could be detrimental. “We get a lot of information requests […]


Platforms Should Shoulder Ad Fraud Burden: TubeMogul CEO

Who’s to blame for the rising problem of online ad fraud? Ad tech vendors aren’t the frauds themselves – but they should accept responsibility for keeping customers happy, says one platform boss. “We take the burden,” says says Brett Wilson, CEO of video ad tech vendor TubeMogul. “Anything you buy that isn’t what you think […]


Brands Embrace ‘Programmatic Direct’ Relationship w/ Publishers,TubeMogul’s CEO Wilson

“Programmatic” advertising has grown up defined as marketplaces of online ad space open for buying and selling. But video ad tech vendor TubeMogul CEO Brett Wilson explains the emergence of the “programmatic direct” variant… “There’s another set of inventory that’s more premium – advertisers and publishers both want to leverage the power of software to […]


TubeMogul’s Brett Wilson is Battling Bots, Non-Human Video Views and Low Ad Rates

In an effort to combat the ongoing specter of ad fraud, tech platforms like TubeMogul have implemented tools to eliminate some of the more prevalent forms of fake traffic, stemming from botnets and fraudulent formats, says TubeMogul’s CEO Brett Wilson, in an interview with Beet.TV. Some sites will sell auto-play ads in banner spots, he […]


TubeMogul’s Viewability Consortium Goes Global

LONDON — To continue its strong growth path, the video business needs to ensure campaigns are viewable and accountable across all sites, says Nick Reid, Managing Director of the United Kingdom for video ad buying platform TubeMogul in an interview with Beet.TV. “The market isn’t quite what it should be when it comes to viewability,” he tells us […]


Allstate is Keen on Programmatic Buying

NAPA, CA — Programmatic buying offers a range of opportunities to test creative, placement and ad messaging, says Michelle Butz, Digital Media Manager at Allstate Insurance. “It gives us more insight and flexibility into what we are doing,” she says in this video interview at TubeMogul‘s TubeMogul University customer event. All State has bought standard pre-roll online video repurposed from TV […]


Programmatic in Canada: It Eliminates Manual Inefficiencies, M2’s Pate

NAPA, Ca — The so-called “programmatic” buying of online advertising is garnering plenty of headlines, but can mean different things to different buyers, says Will Pate, digital VP of Interpublic’s Canadian agency M2. “The opportunity is to take out that big ad ops piece – the inefficiencies and frictions in the marketplace – and free […]


Automated Video Ad Buying Growing Up Down Under

NAPA, Ca — Online advertising’s programmatic evolution is radiating from the US, through the UK and Europe, and is now lapping Australia’s shores. “Most of our clients are on board with the concept and are shifting considerable budgets over in to the concept of programmatic buying,” Phil Cowlinshaw, Head of Technology at Australian media agency […]


Lenovo Sees Creative Efficiencies In Programmatic Ads

NAPA, CA — Computer maker Lenovo’s digital marketing director has given a big endorsement to the emerging practice of automated, algorithmically-controlled online ad buying. “From a brand perspective, this move to programmatic is very important to us,” Gary Milner tells Beet.TV in this video interview during TubeMogul University, a TubeMogul customer event. “You’ve got a merging […]


TubeMogul in Pact with IPG Mediabrands for Programmatic Effort

Online video ad company TubeMogul and Interpublic’s IPG Mediabrands media agency are cozying up farther. Or rather, their video data are. The pair announced TubeMogul has been integrated in to IPG’s custom data stack, in what CEO Brett Wilson says adds ” seamless access to private inventory and cross-inventory GRP optimization” … “that enables IPG […]


TubeMogul Focused on TV-Like Buying for Digital, More Targeting

SAN FRANCISCO — Online video marketing company TubeMogul will add new features to its tools in the coming months to make programmatic connections between an advertiser and publisher, and to make digital video buys more transparent, said Brett Wilson, CEO of TubeMogul, in an interview with Beet.TV. “We want to make the tools easier to […]


Xaxis Inks Deal for TV-Style Online Video Buying Using Videology & TubeMogul, Report

Group M’s trading desk arm Xaxis is aiming to expand its reach into TV-centric buying for online video via deals with Hulu, Viacom and ABC. Under the agreements, Xaxis will buy video ad inventory from those companies using its programmatic tools and insight, according to an Adeek story by Mike Shields. Xaxis will package the […]


Ad Creatives Need To Adopt Programmatic Testing, Starcom’s Tracey Paull

Much of the energy in advertising nowadays is coming from data-driven algorithms that super-target just the right ads to just the right audiences, as this recent Sunday Times feature pointed out, noting the death of creative “mad men”. But two ad tech executives speaking at Beet.TV’s Chicago programmatic video ad summit said algorithms can serve […]


TubeMogul CEO’s ‘Shocking’ Truth: Only Half Of Videos May Be Viewed

CHICAGO – Of the many pieces of data being brought to the video ad chain by software developers, amongst the most important should answer the question: “Is this video really being watched by a viewer?” TubeMogul CEO Brett Wilson’s company has open-sourced code to let advertisers see what percentage of a video window is really […]


TubeMogul’s Wilson: Private Ad Marketplaces Are Boon For Publishers

CHICAGO — Online private ad marketplaces are a boon for ad-selling publishers, despite what some think, according to the CEO of video at tech firm TubeMogul. In this taped interview at Beet.TV’s programmatic video advertising summit, Brett Wilson said the marketplaces have created a new layer of mid-tier pricing: “You had your premium tier – […]


TubeMogul Seeks to Solve Viewability Issue

TubeMogul’s most recent initiative has been helping to solve the viewability issue for advertisers. By making the code open source and partnering with competitors, TubeMogul has been working to solve this problem not just for TubeMogul, but for the industry, says Brett Wilson, co-founder and CEO of TubeMogul. Last week TubeMogul, the California-based video ad technology company, announced a $10 […]

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