Who’s to blame for the rising problem of online ad fraud? Ad tech vendors aren’t the frauds themselves – but they should accept responsibility for keeping customers happy, says one platform boss.

“We take the burden,” says says Brett Wilson, CEO of video ad tech vendor TubeMogul. “Anything you buy that isn’t what you think it is, we’re gonna take care of it.”

Wilson says site-level reporting and proactively identifying botnets that fake ad views are two ways to bring clarity to the problem: “This isn’t an issue we’re responding to – we’re creating the issue, we found these botnets. We published a list of sites that were driven by non-human traffic – any clients that bought a significant number of impressions on the site, which was very few, we gave them the money back.”

Wilson added that smaller, overseas advertisers are adapting their business back-office to programming trading techniques quicker than US agencies.

We spoke with him at the Beet.TV Video Ad Fraud Leadership Summit where he was a panelist, interviewed by Furious Minds CEO Ashley J. Swartz.  TubeMogul was our presenting sponsor.