PALM SPRINGS — The latest piece of ad-tech lingo is “header bidding” – a kind of advance bidding on ad inventory where publishers offer ad spots to multiple sources of ad demand, hopefully increasing their yield.

Ad-tech vendor OpenX is amongst the pioneers in the space. And now its recently-announced Real-Time Guaranteed (RTG) system is connecting with header bidding technology to do more.

Company chief revenue officer and co-founder Jason Fairchild explains to Beet.TV the connection allows publishers to “insert guaranteed demand in to the ad server”.

He points to two ad-buying methods that are historically different – traditional IO purchases and programmatically-bought.

“The ideal scenario is to combine the two,” Fairchild says. “An agency buyer might want to reach a well-defined audience but at guaranteed predictability. 

“We forecast, for a buyer, their audience across a number of publishers. We facilitate a conversation between buyer and publisher – when that audience shows us, it will be purchased on a guaranteed basis.

“Publisher gets access to much larger budgets, buyers get certainty around, when they see that audience, they’ve bought it.”

This video part of a series about the state of programmatic advertising sponsored by OpenX.  Please find other videos from the series here.