Dynamic Ad Creativity Is Science-Fiction: Nielsen’s Solomon

The prospect that, in a connected era, TV ads could be assembled from multiple component parts to make up a 30-second spot that is custom-built for a particular individual viewer is getting some marketers is excited. But how viable is this idea, really? Nielsen’s precision and planning SVP Eric Solomon reckons: “Dynamic creative, at an individual […]


Nielsen Girds for Total Audience Measurement in 2016

FORT LAUDERDALE — One of Nielsen’s biggest goals for 2016 will be to introduce its multiplatform measurement tool tracking “total content ratings” into the marketplace, says David Hohman, Nielsen’s agency solutions EVP in an interview with Beet.TV. These sorts of advances can enable more “one-to-one marketing,” he says. The tool is designed for “total audience measurement” and to […]


Nielsen To Reboot Content Ratings Next Year

FORT LAUDERDALE — Audience measurement outfit Nielsen is gearing up to measure linear and digital audiences in a new way, that recognizes a distinction between viewers of content and viewers of ads. In this video interview with Beet.TV, Nielsen planning and precision SVP Eric Solomon says the company’s Total Audience suite – which already includes the cross-platform […]


How Nielsen Helps Networks & Brands Understand Social Viewing

These days, TV viewers aren’t glued only to big-screen programming – or the ads that run on them. But that doesn’t mean brands can’t reach consumers all the same. The mobile screens in their palms are also being used to better understand engagement. A range of software and data providers is helping brands to do that, and Nielsen is […]


Nielsen’s eXelate Pushes Further In To Mobile, TV Targeting

Seven months after Nielsen acquired the audience data profiling vendor, eXelate is expanding its offering from desktop digital metrics. Today, the outfit announced it is expanding its auspice further in to mobile audience data through a partnership with PushSpring, something that will help its customers see consumer app installs and shoppers interested in buying new cars and […]


eXelate Will Extend Nielsen Across Europe: MD Bennathan

COLOGNE — Programmatic ad tech data software provider eXelate says it is ready to amplify Nielsen across Europe, after its acquisition by the audience company earlier this year. “The first thing on the list is to extend the number of Nielsen-branded audiences – demographic, FMCG, retailer – across Europe (from the UK),” eXelate Europe MD Matt Bennathan tells […]


Nielsen Bakes Measurement In To OTT Video Boxes

If you thought mobile advertising was hard to measure, Nielsen reckons over-the-top TV and video services is much harder – so it aims to integrate its ad measurement systems with box makers at the system level. “Over-the-top is a really challenging space,” Nielsen product leadership SVP David Wong tells Beet.TV in this video interview. “A year or […]


Quantifying a GRP: Fullscreen, Otter Media Developing Models around Custom Content

CANNES — Fullscreen, the popular MCN, along with its parent group Otter Media, is developing a means to measure the impact of video views of custom advertising, says Kevin McGurn, Head of Sales, in this interview with Beet.TV The new measurement system, meant to quantify a gross rating point (GRP), is being developed with Nielsen and Millward […]


Nielsen, eXelate Will ‘Co-Build Products From Day One’: Zagorski

Media measurement firm Nielsen and programmatic ad tech outfit eXelate had already worked together for five years before the former’s acquisition of the latter this March. Now they are working on the same journey. “We act as their data management backbone, taking a lot of their offline data and activating it in the programmatic world,” eXelate […]


Nielsen Relies on eXelate for Programmatic Data

AUSTIN – As part of its deeper push into programmatic buying, Nielsen is increasingly relying on data from eXelate across a variety of video offerings, says David Hohman, EVP and Managing Director of Agency Solutions at Nielsen, in an interview with Beet.TV. Nielsen pairs its real-time audience insights with eXelate’s consumer segment data to create detailed […]


Nielsen’s Hohman Ready To Measure Netflix

Netflix may not want to open up its audience ratings to industry onlookers – but that doesn’t mean measurement houses aren’t trying to put some numbers on the video behemoth’s growth regardless. “We are actually going to be able to have measurement for content that’s playing on Netflix because we have the audio tags – […]


“An Uncertain Time” in AdTech: Nielsen’s Feigenson

FORD LAUDERDALE — It has been a whirlwind couple of years in digital ad technology platforms, with the onset of “programmatic” quickly shaking up the sector. What are the views from one company whose input to the space endures? “We are in an uncertain time,” according to Nielsen Digital MD Andrew Feigenson. “There’s a lot of […]


Deduplicate Audiences With Cross-Media Planning: Nielsen’s Hohman

FORT LAUDERDALE — If you advertise to reach an audience demographic in online video and in TV, you may think you have maximised your reach – but, if some viewers saw your ad in both media, have you overpaid? Nielsen agency solutions MD David Hohman says new measurement tools like his own Cross-platform Campaign Ratings […]


Nielsen To Measure Smart TV’s In 2015: Feigenson

FORT LAUDERDALE — The coming digitzation of TV may seem set to pave the way for measuring audiences in a digital manner used to internet media houses – but Nielsen is stating its case for a panel-based approach it seems set to launch later this year. “We’re dedicated to having a solution to smart TVs […]


“TV Everywhere” Is Growing Fast, Despite Industry Perceptions, Adobe’s Foster

LAS VEGAS — “TV Everywhere“, the method through which US cable operators allow subscribers online viewing of their bundles, has become the industry’s “whipping boy,” Adobe’s Primetime product marketing director Campbell Foster says. In this video interview with Beet.TV, Foster channels the three main complaints levelled at the system – ranging from “accurate and fair […]


What Is ‘Programmatic’? Feigenson’s Three Rules

NAPA, CA — It’s one of the hottest media buzzwords of 2014 – but everyone seems to have a different definition for the set of new-wave ad-trading techniques collectively referred to as “programmatic”. At programmatic’s core, says Nielsen digital MD Andrew Feigenson, is moving dollars that, once, were transacted manually in to some automated process. […]


Nielsen’s Eaton: OCR Ratings Ushers More Money Online

TV dollars are beginning to shift to digital and more will come in the year ahead, says Tom Eaton, VP Client Services, Platform Group at Nielsen in this interview with Beet.TV. That transition started with a trickle, and became more significant at last year’s upfront, he says. Having a GRP-like measurement in online in the OCR […]


Reach And Relevance Are Coming Together: Nielsen’s Bradford

COLOGNE — In online advertising, you can either target a specific but small audience like a laser, or reach a broad audience, much of which may be irrelevant. But there is an emerging class of outlet which gives advertisers the best of both worlds, says media measurement firm Nielsen’s UK SVP Andrew Bradford. “There is often […]


What Is ‘Premium’ Content Anyway? Ad Execs Discuss

Advertisers and their buyers often say they aspire to advertise only with “premium” publishers. But what does that really mean, and is the notion changing as ad tech evolves around it? Three execs from different parts of the industry debated for Beet.TV… Mindshare’s New York digital lead Joe Migliozzi: “Hopefully, over time, we can get over […]


Nielsen: Measuring Consumer Engagement is Key

For marketers to move more money from TV to digital, they need true parity in measurement, says David Hohman, Nielsen’s agency solutions EVP in an interview with Beet.TV. “Parity is a consistent measurement across digital and TV. You need to be able to consider the devices, and you need to be able to attribute what’s […]

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