FORT LAUDERDALE — One of Nielsen’s biggest goals for 2016 will be to introduce its multiplatform measurement tool tracking “total content ratings” into the marketplace, says David Hohman, Nielsen’s agency solutions EVP in an interview with Beet.TV. These sorts of advances can enable more “one-to-one marketing,” he says.

The tool is designed for “total audience measurement” and to produce information on what people are watching, where, for how long and on what device. That tool is in market now and will be rolled out in 2016 to track both content and ads, he says.

“We want to measure content and ads online, and through mobile devices, and through connected devices as well as on linear TV. Then, to duplicate it on an individual basis to tell [clients] where it was watched, on what platform, and who the person was watching it. We can provide that in linear TV at the telecast level and on digital platforms based on programs and episode,” he says. “That gives you the ability to monetize your content and engage in conversations with consumers.”

Hohman also shared thoughts on the state of addressable TV and what needs to happen next from content owners.

This video was produced at the Beet.TV executive retreat presented by Videology with Adobe, AT&T AdWorks and Nielsen.  You can find more videos from the Beet Retreat on this page.