Visiting The New York Times website these days, we are finding lots of video prominently displayed.  Some look like network-produced TV segments, some simple commentary by staff reporters and others are unpolished, folksy pieces by emerging video stars including Seth Schiesel, David Carr and David Pogue.  Pogue’s home style approach to video production gets kudos from Times web editor in chief, Len Apcar. Len likes the funky form and says that you don’t have to be slick to connect with readers. 

David has many fans, including Technorati’s Peter Hirshberg. In an earlier post on Beet TV, Peter describes David’s online videos as an example of the way that the opinion-oriented nature of online video and blogs can be a powerful component to a conventional news report.

Some of The Beet’s favorite clips from David’s blog, “Pogue’s Posts,” are Honey I Shrunk the PC and The Slingbox.

David even shares the secrets about how he creates his videos (via video of course). A demonstration in the ease of online video creation from a master.

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