Justin.tv Launches iPhone Application with Chat on All Streams

Justin.tv, the big live webcasting service, has launched an iPhone application, allowing viewers to watch, share and interact with all the thousands of live streaming channels on the site.


NFL Ups its Digital Game with Mobile, Live Streaming and Subscription Services

Though it only has  two years of online video availability under its belt, the NFL is in the game for new media opportunities.


Big Global Expansion for Brightcove and Implementation on iPhone

NEW YORK, NY — Brightcove, the Boston-based video services company, has been enjoying annual 300 percent growth, global expansion, strong balance sheet and is hooking up with devices including Vudu.


Playable search engine SeeqPod will introduce a Windows mobile application tomorrow that will bring all the free music on the Internet to mobile phones.

Playable search engine SeeqPod will introduce a Windows mobile application tomorrow that will bring all the free music on the Internet to mobile phones. Users simply have to search for a song, and if it exists anywhere on the web–legally or illegally–SeeqPod will find it with its crawling and indexing technology.


Joost Launches Video iPhone App on WiFi; 3G Capacity Coming Soon

On-demand web video service Joost’s new (and free) iPhone application, launched Monday, streams its entire online library of 45,000-plus videos to users on WiFi networks, according to CEO Mike Volpi. A large portion of the library will be available on 3G within a month: “The technology is basically ready,” he says. Volpi spoke to me […]


Beet.TV On the iPhone via Clever Work Around from Blip.tv

For some time, Beet.TV has been available on the iPod and the iPhone, in the form of a downloaded file via iTunes.  Now, those clever engineers at Blip.tv have a work around to allow iPhone owners watch videos streamed on demand.  Very cool development.  Meghan Keane over at Epicenter has the story along with comments […]


Experimental Ad Budgets for Online Video are “Now Gone,” Blip.tv’s Dina Kaplan

Many of the experimental advertising budgets for online video are “now gone” as a result of the fiscal crisis, says Dina Kaplan, co-founder of Blip.tv.  I caught up with her yesterday at the “Future of Television” conference in Manhattan where she was a panelist. Moving beyond the the experimental stage, Dina says she is working […]


VideoEgg Hatching Video Ads in iPhone

VideoEgg, the San Francisco-based video ad network, will introduce advertising to the iPhone, reports TechCrunch’s Erick Schonfeld. For the story, Erick interviewed VideoEgg’s Troy Young, who talks about the opportunity of the iPhone for marketers.  Troy disses AdMob, a mobile phone ad network which presently serves ads to the iPhone. Here’s the company press release. […]


Apple iPhone 3G has Easy Set-up with Microsoft Exchange

So, one of the big drawbacks for corporate e-mail users with the iPhone was the lack of integration with with Microsoft Exchange.  This has all changed with yesterday’s introduction of the iPhone 3G, the software for the new device and an upgrade for the earlier version.


Mossberg: iPhone 3G Has Weak Battery Life and Expensive Data Plan

(11/11/2008 update: We had to take this video down because the copyright expired. Our apologies.) Always good to get Walt Mossberg’s take on new gear.  Tonight the Wall Street Journal published his print and video review of the new Apple 3G iPhone.  We’ve embedded the video here.


“50 Cent” Has an Online Hit: Successful Mobile Video Uploads via Kyte

HOLLYWOOD — 50 Cent, who is touring with his G-Unit crew to promote his new album,  has been getting good notices, including this story from Thursday’s (7/3) The New York Times. Fueling his popularity is a successful fan site which prominently displays fan-uploaded videos onto a Kyte player.  Watching a video on my desktop, iTunes […]