Playable search engine SeeqPod will introduce a Windows mobile application tomorrow that will bring all the free music on the Internet to mobile phones. Users simply have to search for a song, and if it exists anywhere on the web–legally or illegally–SeeqPod will find it with its crawling and indexing technology.

Marshall Kirkpatrick at Read Write Web has a story about the application today. He calls SeepPod’s introduction of a $10 mobile application a gutsy move, because it’s bound to incite a reaction from the record labels, who’ve previously placed legal pressure on the company. Legal stumbling blocks aside, SeeqPod could become strong competition for both the iPod and the Pandora iPhone app.

Andy interviewed CEO Kasian Franks at OnHollywood in June, and I republished the interview here. To read up on SeeqPod you can check out my previous post or the company’s page on CrunchBase, which also hosts Beet videos.

Kelsey Blodget, Associate Producer