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True Data Makes Agencies ‘Thoughtful’: Proof’s Tran

The history of media buying may have involved rough guesstimates of consumers' activity.But new software that can provide exact intelligence on audiences' behavior is giving ad agencies super-powers to be more "thoughtful" about how they reach people.That is according to Ly Tran, chief media officer of Proof Advertising, an Austin-based ad agency.In this video interview with Beet.TV, she talks about how automatic content recognition (ACR) run on devices like smart TVs by original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) is arming agencies with new [...]


AdTech Doyenne, Target’s Kristi Argyilan, to Headline the Beet Retreat in San Juan Feb 5-7

Kristi Argyilan, president of Target's Roundel unit, will be among the featured speakers at the annual Beet.TV executive retreat taking place in San Juan on February 5-7.From her days as president of MAGNA Global to her pioneering work at Target and for the formation of Roundel, Kristi is among the most admired, innovative executives in the media and marketing industries.We are delighted to welcome her back to the Beet Retreat.  She last graced our stage to keynote in Puerto Rico [...]


Samsung’s Scott Welcomes Vevo To TV Plus

Although the TV world has spent the last five years considering the subscription video (SVOD) boom, a growing trend in ad-supported TV services (AVODs) is opening new opportunities for new entrants and for advertisers alike.Alongside Peacock, Pluto TV, Tubi and others, Samsung launched its own Samsung TV Plus, its own gateway to over-IP TV services on its smart TV sets.Amongst the latest additions to the "channel" line-up was Vevo, the music video distributor that is seeing growing connected TV traction [...]


Mindshare’s Jim Cridlin: The Future of Content Is Customized

LAS VEGAS - Consumers are living in an age in which there’s almost an expectation that any product or service that they purchase will be customized. In an interview with Beet.TV, Jim Cridlin, global head of innovation and partnerships at Mindshare explains that television is now headed on this path.“You see a tremendous explosion in the technologies that can produce content, the companies out there that are producing content, and the distribution opportunities to get that content in front of [...]


Ampersand Launches ‘The AND Platform’ to Unify Audience and Measurement Across Inventories

Ampersand, the TV advertising and sales company owned by Comcast, Cox and Charter, is putting its vast data network of 38 million households to work with a new external platform that lets partners create audiences on the front end and measure performance on the back end.Called The AND Platform, the launch follows NCC Media’s rebrand in September to Ampersand, a move that intended to bring attention to the company’s goal of uniting the TV advertising ecosystem across screens, inventories and [...]


Vevo Finds Longer Viewing Sessions On Connected TV: Butler

Music video distributor Vevo may not favor comparisons with the traditional giant of televised music video broadcasts, MTV - but there is one screen where many will find the parallel impossible not to draw.Having historically found two-thirds of its users from mobile, now - thanks to a strategy called "Vevo Everywhere" - it is finding 20% of its audience is from connected TVs, thanks to carriage on platforms like Roku, Apple TV, Amazon Fire and Echo Show, Pluto TV and [...]


New Dawn For TV Upfronts: Amobee’s Smolin

LAS VEGAS -- The upfronts, the annual season in which US premium content owners tout their upcoming roster of programming in a bid to win advance ad bookings, is around the corner.But, this time, things could look a little different. So says the strategy chief of an ad-tech firm aiming to help the industry buy and sell better across four screens."How both the buy and the sell side are looking at the TV upfronts within 2020, which are going to [...]


A+E’s Roseann Montenes: With Client Expectations, There’s No ‘One-Size-Fits-All’

LAS VEGAS– With a streaming landscape that continues evolving, client expectations have changed as well. In an interview with Beet.TV at the Consumer Electronics Show, Roseann Montenes, vice president of precision & performance ad sales at A+E Networks, explains that these changes vary depending on how each client defines “performance”.There’s no one-size-fits-all approach to client expectations, but focusing on performance goals is a good way to start.“No matter what that KPI is and no matter what that expectation is of [...]


‘I Want My OTT’: Vevo’s Judelman Offers Ad Scale

It may have started out solely on YouTube and may have been cast simply as an online version of MTV, but music video network Vevo has bigger ambitions than that.In this video interview with Beet.TV, the company's ad sales SVP Jesse Judelman explains that partnerships with a host of other platforms have given it large scale that rivals traditional TV and that it is now offering to marketers."We reach upwards of 30 million people in the United States a day," [...]


OpenAP Wants More Publishers On Board, Davis Says

When OpenAP, a TV industry consortium for making advanced TV targeting more straightforward, announced the addition of CBS to its repertoire last year, it was just the latest addition to a roster that now numbers:Fox ViacomCBS NBC Universal UnivisionBut Ed Davis isn't stopping there. In this video interview with Beet.TV at Consumer Electronics Show (CES), the consortium's chief product officer Ed Davis explains why he wants to see more names on that list."We're pretty focused on more publishers that [...]


With Upfronts Around The Corner, Neutrality Is King: LiveRamp’s Prasad

A new year, a new decade may have only just begun but, for some, minds are already turning to the key point in the US TV ad sales calendar.Upfronts season peaks in May, when video and TV content owners showcase their upcoming repertoire in a bid to secure advance ad buyers from brands and their media agencies.In this Consumer Electronics Show (CES) video interview with Beet.TV, Jay Prasad, chief strategy officer at LiveRamp's TV division, talks about what is different [...]


S4’s MightyHive Lays Infrastructure To Help DCO Fly, Del Greco Says

One of the foundational acquisitions for Sir Martin Sorrell's new S4 Capital group is now working alongside a sibling company to light up opportunities in "dynamic creative optimization" for digital ads.But, in many cases, it has had to help clients build foundational architecture to get there.In December 2018, Sir Martin Sorrel's new vehicle S4 Capital merged with MightyHive, a company with both programmatic and creative services, in a $150m deal.In this video interview with Beet.TV, MightyHive Americas president Emily Del [...]


Data Plus Math Is Ramping-Up LiveRamp, Metcalfe Says

LAS VEGAS - Ad-tech platform LiveRamp is now helping advertisers to buy campaigns centered on real business outcomes, not marketing proxies, after its earlier acquisition of the vendor Data Plus Math.LiveRamp acquired the company back in July. In this video interview with Beet.TV, Allison Metcalfe, the GM of LiveRamp's TV offering, explains what new capabilities she has acquired."We've been working with those guys for six months now and we are aggressively expanding the scope of measurement to include not only [...]


Dentsu’s Maggie Zhang: ACR Creates a ‘More Relevant Experience’

LAS VEGAS– As ACR data becomes more available, how will it lead us to better understand measurement across platforms? In an interview with Beet.TV at CES, Maggie Zhang, executive vice president of video research and insights for Dentsu Aegis Network explored the ways in which OTT and linear are evolving due to these new capabilities.According to Zhang, Dentsu has conducted a comprehensive audit of ACR data, and from this, has learned more of the opportunity that these figures present. She [...]


“Hurry Up!” Group M’s Matt Sweeney Urges Broadcasters to Migrate to CTV

LAS VEGAS -  Media agencies have been watching the growth of subscription video-on-demand (SVOD) services with alarm. If more people are paying for ad-free TV, where will brands go to reach audiences?At least the overall growth of connected TV as an overall category is giving them some reassurance. After all, connected TV services provide more precise audience targeting characteristics than traditional broad demographics, and the rise of advertising-supported, AVOD services is aiming to fill the gap.So, how is the world's [...]


Sir Martin Sorrell to Ad Holding Companies: Go Private or Break-up

LAS VEGAS -- He created and, for years, ran the world's largest ad agency holding group, WPP.After he left in 2018 and formed his own, much smaller vehicle, S4 Capital, how does Sir Martin Sorrell read the prospects for the Big Six groups? In this video interview with Beet.TV, Sorrell says:The big groups are like "cadavers." They cannot transform as necessary whilst publicly traded. The threat from consulting groups has been there since the 1980s. Accenture should buy GroupM, [...]


Havas Media’s Sedlarcik: First-Party Data Is the Answer to Privacy Regulations

As more privacy regulations pop up, bringing on restrictions to how companies can use and handle customer information, the key for media will be first-party data, according to Havas Media’s US chief data officer Peter Sedlarcik.First, GDPR altered how European companies could store and track customer data. Now, with the roll out of the California Consumer Privacy Act, the motion to protect customer privacy is coming to the US. Nineteen additional US states are considering introducing their own privacy regulations.“Privacy [...]


Television Transformation Will Be Driven by Consumer Experience, 605’s Levine

At the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), everything on display - whether it is a synthetic burger or a TV ad - is presented as technology.But that is the kind of optimism that is applied to every business sector that finds itself at the mind-expanding show.Whilst at the show in January, Noah Levine, chief revenue officer at 605, a technology company helping advertisers use data to better target TV ads, reflected on the technology-driven pace of change in the TV and advertising [...]


Xandr Goes From ‘Build’ To ‘Accelerate’ In 2020, Wetzel Says

After buying and launching new products and services last year, AT&T's Xandr ad-tech unit plans to more tightly tie everything together in 2020The division is focused on facilitating premium video and advanced TV ad sales, and is a combination of a variety of acquisitions and launches. Most recently, Xandr acquired clypd late last year.In this video interview with Beet.TV, Xandr head of strategy and corporate development Lauren Wetzel says that, in 2020, the division wants to more closely serve WarnerMedia, the [...]


ACR Enables ‘One Media Truth’: Nielsen’s Rao

LAS VEGAS -- Historically, the TV ad industry has predicated on estimated the size and kind of audiences watching particular shows, now knowing for sure.But automatic content recognition (ACR) technology is now beginning to help advertisers and broadcasters know for sure.It works using a range of hardware and software that either listens to or sees the content viewers are watching, typically matching the fingerprint against a cloud-based database of TV shows.In this video interview with Beet.TV, Karthik Rao of Nielsen, [...]