Digital Means ‘World Of Opportunity’: DigitasLBi’s Shlachter

NAPA, CA — As much as it poses challenges, the ongoing explosion in digital media is also opening up a wealth of new opportunities for marketers to reach consumers, says DigitasLBi North America’s chief investment officer Adam Shlachter. “The numbers are there now – if you look at platforms like YouTube… the content creators are generating a […]


NBC Launches Programmatic Division Across Properties

NAPA , CA — NBC Universal recently launched a programmatic initiative called NBCUx as part of an effort to enable data-centric buying across its properties. As programmatic buying spreads in usage, the key is to view all inventory in this potential light, says Aaron Radin, SVP Partnerships and Portfolio Products at NBC Universal in an interview with […]


FreeWheel Aims To Empower And Protect Advertisers, Publishers

NAPA, CA — Comcast-owned video ad server FreeWheel cut its recent partnership with TubeMogul to protect but empower both sides of the advertising chain, says FreeWheel business solutions GM James Rooke. The partnership sees advertisers use their own audience data to buy video ads via TubeMogul, whilst TubeMogul lets publishers do deals using that data – but sensitivities […]


What Is ‘Programmatic’? Feigenson’s Three Rules

NAPA, CA — It’s one of the hottest media buzzwords of 2014 – but everyone seems to have a different definition for the set of new-wave ad-trading techniques collectively referred to as “programmatic”. At programmatic’s core, says Nielsen digital MD Andrew Feigenson, is moving dollars that, once, were transacted manually in to some automated process. […]


Black Arrow See Dynamic Ad Insertion Appetite Grow

NAPA, CA — The TV industry may move from selling in-stream ads upfront to inserting them in real-time, if Chris Hock gets his way. Hock’s Black Arrow helps cable companies dynamically insert ads in to streamed programming. “Through the third quarter of this year, we’ve seen a 250% growth over impressions from last year,” says […]


WideOrbit Goes Programmatic To Meet ‘Huge’ TV Demand

NAPA, CA — TV ad billing and management software platform WideOrbit is moving in to the “programmatic” advertising space after observing “huge” industry demand for the new methods of trading ads. “We’re focused on building programmatic in to all of our television to make it a lot easier to transact, particularly with local broadcasters,” the company’s […]


MediaVest’s Korenfeld: Addressable TV Ads Need Scale Player

NAPA, CA – The promise of targeting individual TV viewers with ads just like advertisers can on the web is certainly appealing to many in the business. But, so far, it’s mostly just an idea, says MediaVest advertising and technology platforms SVP Oleg Korenfeld. “It’s not scaleable enough (today),” Korenfeld tells BeetTV in this video interview. We’re […]


Video Advertising: Not Ready for OTT or Game Consoles, Zenith’s Zilberbrand

NAPA, CA – While video advertising transactions will inevitably move to programmatic or automated systems,  there are big barriers now and one of the biggest is the lack of proper analytics around video views on OTT devices and game consoles, says Julian Zilberbrand, EVP Activation Standards, Insights and Technology at the global media agency Zenith Optimedia. […]


Programmatic Tech has Disrupted the Media Agency Model, Analyst O’Connell

NAPA, CA — The rise in programmatic advertising has been tremendously disruptive the client – media agency relationship,  with many clients embracing technology solutions in-house, says Joanna O’Connell, former Forrester analyst and now lead analyst at AdExchanger. Agencies are being challenged to change.  Some, like Starcom MediaVest in its relationship with Kraft, have made an […]


“Addressable TV” Will Bring Brands Back to the Living Room, Lenovo’s Milner

NAPA, CA  –  The advent of addressable TV, a scenario where by advertisers can deliver their messages to a specific household set-top box,  will bring more advertisers to TV, says Gary Milner, Director of Global Digital Marketing at computer giant Lenovo, in this interview with Beet.TV While this is notion of addressable advertising is still […]


FreeWheel and TubeMogul in Pact with Magna Global for Programmatic Reserve

NAPA – IPG’s Magna Global is working with FreeWheel and TubeMogul in a programmatic reserve program to buy premium video, reported AdExchanger earlier this month.   Brands participating in the program include Allstate and Target. At the TubeMogul partner meeting last week, we interviewed Vin Paolozzi,  Vice President, Marketplace Development and Investment at Magna Global […]


Clypd Sees Big Upside in Automating the TV Sell Side

NAPA, CA – Clypd, the Boston-based start-up, that has raised $13 million in funding, is focused on the sales automation of TV advertising inventory of broadcasters and MVPD’s. In June the company announced its integration with a  number of digital video platforms, allowing companies including TubeMogul, Turn and Google. to buy TV ads through the […]


WPP’s Xaxis is Powering Programmatic “Upfront” with TubeMogul

NAPA, CA –  In order to guarantee valued inventory for its advertisers, Xaxis has implemented  a program to secure premium publishing supply through an “upfront” trading strategy.   This solution is powered by video ad tech provider TubeMogul, says Jessica Levine, Director of Video at Xaxis, the programmatic agency of WPP, in this interview with […]