Removing Cookies Cleans Up Ads: IBM Watson’s Carr

The end of the cookie era poses a big challenge to marketers that have historically used the tiny client-side files to track their audiences. But the emergence of multi-device user modalities had already posed a challenge to that method, and to brands that wanted to gain a holistic understanding of consumers’ cross-platform identity. In this […]


Cadreon’s Hall: “The Most Important Aspect of Addressable Is the Ability to Control Frequency’

SAN FRANCISCO– Cadreon’s customer-first approach is based on addressability and measurement across all channels thanks to their activation of data. In an interview with Beet.TV’s Jon Watts, Nancy Hall, senior vice president of programmatic, east at Cadreon, details how they are using this data and how the industry could approach it going forward. Cadreon uses […]


Hearts & Science’s Metzer: Without the Cookie, Advertising Will Rely on First-Party Data

SAN FRANCISCO– The death of cookie has caused a stir in the advertising and ad tech worlds, as marketers are now figuring out how best to understand consumer behavior without the data collector. Eran Metzer, executive director of data and marketing strategy at Hearts & Science, believes the industry will be resilient to the change. […]


Measurement Needs Evolution, Not Revolution:’S Muller

SAN FRANCISCO, CA — In the digital TV age, the old ways of measuring TV audiences often come under scrutiny. But should you throw the baby out with the bath water? No, according to CEO Sean Muller. “Measurement is not broken per se,” he says. “There’s no reason to reinvent current age, and gender type […]


The Quest For Common Measurement: Amobee’s Schleider

SAN FRANCISCO, CA — Now that marketers can, finally, accurately measure their TV advertising, you would think they may be happy. But the explosion in new measurement techniques and providers is actually causing a headache for ad buyers who want an apples-to-apples analysis of their ad effectiveness. No wonder so many are actually now calling […]


Context Is In The Eye Of The Beholder: ZEFR’s Oakins

SAN FRANCISCO, CA — After 10 years of obsessively super-targeting audiences using digital profiling data, the ad industry pendulum is swinging a little back to an older method. Contextual targeting is the practice of aligning an ad with content, not with the individual audience member consuming that content. In truth, the outcome doesn’t have to be an […]


Acxiom’s Baudino: Companies Need to Prioritize People-Based Marketing

SAN FRANCISCO– Data is more relevant than ever, and clients and partners are becoming more educated about it. Because of this, they’re able to ideate much more effectively. In an interview with Beet.TV’s Jon Watts, John Baudino, gvp of publisher and platform partnerships for Acxiom, explains that as the ecosystem changes, by sticking with the […]


eBay’s Scott Kelliher: Flexibility, Not Standardization, Is Key to Success

SAN FRANCISCO– Contextual targeting has become increasingly part of the industry conversation now that the cookie is going away. In an interview with Beet.TV’s Jon Watts, Scott Kelliher, head of brand advertising and partnerships at eBay, explains how contextual has been a part of his company’s strategy for some time now. There are a number […]


Personalized Ads Are Going Up-Funnel: Jivox’s Nesamoney

SAN FRANCISCO, CA — The concept of custom ad personalization has been around for many years, with more-recent crystalization around the idea of “dynamic creative optimization” (DCO). Often, ad buyers decide they want to swap out elements of an ad when they can see a consumer close to the point of purchase. But that is […]


A+E Networks Seeks TV Attribution Next-Gen: Heftman

SAN FRANCISCO, CA — The ability to track a consumer business action back to an ad exposure is one that has existed in digital media for some time. Now advanced connected TV platforms are getting in on the “attribution” act. Plain old linear TV can promise advertisers the same power – but more complex attribution […]


Lotame’s Yeung Seeks Open Framework After Cookies

As the clock runs down on third-party cookies, many different methods and technologies purport to offer the solution to targeting consumers. But Amy Yeung thinks that proliferation may be bad. In this video interview with Beet.TV, Amy Yeung, the general counsel and chief privacy officer of Lotame, an audience data company, says she wants to […]


Re-Think Ad Supply From The Source: MediaMath’s Steinberg

SAN FRANCISCO, CA — Five months after MediaMath launched a new platform aimed at reconstituting commonly-held digital ad trading practices, the technology vendor says it continues to hold talks with more potential partners. In October, MediaMath launched a new initiative, Source, that makes several promises all at once, including: 100% “accountability” by the end of 2020, […]


Forrester’s Jim Nail: TV Is About to ‘Move Into a Whole Different World’

SAN FRANCISCO– As an industry, TV is still feeling its way towards the large-scale use of outcome-based measurements. In an interview with Beet.TV’s Jon Watts at LiveRamp’s RampUp Summit, Jim Nail, principal analyst at Forrester Research, explained that companies are starting to get a handle on it, but there’s still a long way to go. […]


ZEFR’s Greenspan: We Want to Give Control Back to Brands

SAN FRANCISCO– When thinking about contextual advertising, ZEFR thinks about how brands can align with specific types of content that make sense based on their specific preferences. In an interview with Beet.TV’s Jon Watts at LiveRamp’s RampUp Summit, Jeremy Greenspan, svp and head of programmatic Sales at ZEFR, explained how the conversation around contextual has […]


How 2020 Election TV Ads Will Be Data-Driven: LiveRamp’s Bhalla

SAN FRANCISCO, CA — Political campaigns have long been amongst the keenest to use digital marketing tactics to reach voters. At the 2020 US presidential election, that is set to go in to overdrive. And it’s not just web, app and online video publishers who are set to benefit. In this video interview with Beet.TV, […]


Digitas’ Liane Nadeau: Death of the Cookie Is ‘the Symptom, Not the Illness’

SAN FRANCISCO– As the third-party cookie is phased out, the industry must rethink its approach around all media types. In an interview with Beet.TV’s Jon Watts at LiveRamp’s RampUp Summit, Liane Nadeau, head of programmatic at Digitas North America, described how this is especially true for figuring out how programmatic fits into the landscape. There’s […]


Luma’s Terry Kawaja: ‘There’s a Lot at Stake’ in the Streaming Wars

SAN FRANCISCO– Data is an ecosystem, and maintaining that ecosystem is paramount to the health of the industry, says Luma CEO Terry Kawaja. Speaking with Beet.TV’s Jon Watts at LiveRamp’s RampUp Summit, Kawaja says that LiveRamp’s partnerships-driven business helps the industry to function. “Everyone either contributes data, utilizes data or applies data in a cooperative […]


TransUnion’s David Oliveira: Addressability Must Be ‘Powered By an Accurate Data’

SAN FRANCISCO– Accuracy is everything when it comes to consumer data. In an interview with Beet.TV, David Oliveira, vp of media vertical partnerships at TransUnion explored how their precise date has given them a tremendous advantage in addressability. TransUnion aims to develop solutions for the connected consumer in mind. They have a comprehensive and accurate […]


LiveRamp’s Travis Clinger: ‘We Have an Opportunity to Transform the Industry’

SAN FRANCISCO– Addressability boils down to how a marketer engages with a consumer. But what does it mean to drive a meaningful consumer journey? In an interview with Beet.TV’s Jon Watts, Travis Clinger, vp of global strategy and partnerships at LiveRamp described how his company is aiming to drive this. For LiveRamp, crafting this engagement […]


Go Beyond Legacy Panels With First-Party Data: Samba TV’s Navin

SAN FRANCISCO, CA — TV advertisers are going to need to leverage their own customer data sets in the coming era of advanced TV ad targeting – because the recent age of indiscriminate targeting is being nixed amid a flight to privacy. That is according to one executive who thinks advertisers need to use more […]

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