PALM SPRINGS — The world of advertising demand-side platforms is so new, most people may only have dealt with one or two. Bruce Falck says he has worked for five.

Falck spent just four months as Brightroll’s COO until Yahoo acquired the company, last year joining Turn, the ad tech platform which boasts a DSP, a data management platform and an analytics offering, as CEO.

So what is Falck’s priority? “My big focus at Turn is going to be building out our video capabilities,” he tells Beet.TV in this video interview.

“Video is the fastest-growing segment in programmatic. Marketers need to have a unified buying platform that allows them to buy ‘Bruce’ wherever ‘Bruce’ is online.”

A year ago, Turn was granted five US patents to help them do just that, covering programmatic bid decisioning and anonymous data mining and warehousing. T

Times are changing, Falck says: “With the advertiser leaning in on the DMP but still relying on an agency to do the activation, it’s creating interesting opportunities for partnership.

“I call it the ‘three-legged stool’, where you have an agency, the brand and Turn sitting around a table together, with the brand using the DMP, the agency using the DSP and Turn as the technology provider consulting them on how to get to scale.”

This video part of a series about the state of programmatic advertising sponsored by OpenX.  Please find other videos from the series here.