Moat CEO Goodhart: Industry Stuck On Measuring Impressions

Flush with $50 million in Series C funding, Moat has taken on the lofty goal of creating an accepted currency for digital advertising because it believes the industry is stuck on measuring viewer impressions. To Jonah Goodhart, co-founder and CEO of the Web media analytics company best known for tracking viewability of digital ads, “human” […]


Programmatic TV: From Nothing To Very Real, Says TubeMogul’s Wilson

The CEO of TubeMogul prefers the term “data-driven” to “programmatic” television advertising. But regardless of the moniker, this emerging form of audience targeting accounted for 10% of overall ad spend through the company’s software in the first quarter of 2016. “It went from nothing to very real,” Brett Wilson says in an interview with Beet.TV […]


More Mobile Browsers Will Block Ads By Default: Sourcepoint’s Barokas

For anyone who thought mobile ad blocking was a minority sport, last week’s new PageFair report about ad blocking on the mobile web was a shot across the bow. Drawing from a range of data sources, it claimed 22% of smartphone users globally are blocking mobile web ads, the vast majority using mobile browsers that block by […]


Ghostery Backs IAB’s LEAN Bid To Vanquish Ad Blocking

If you believe the oft-quoted PageFair data, 198 million around the world use ad blocking software, while 22% of smartphone users are even now blocking mobile web browser ads. Industry figures often advocate “better ads” as a solution to the problem. But the truth is, bloated and intrusive web pages drag on load times and weigh […]


Hulu Favors Consumer Choice Over Commercial Overload

In Hulu’s worldview, viewers don’t necessarily universally dislike advertising. You just have to be smart with your commercial load, give them a value proposition with regard to ads and let them choose for themselves. “I think restraint is a good business model when it comes to advertising load,” says Peter Naylor, the company’s SVP of […]


Ad Threats & Consolidation In Kawaja’s ‘House Of Cards’

The threats are mounting. With challenges like viewability, fraud and ad blocking rising, the online ad industry could risk falling, just as Rome’s empire did before it. That’s the view of Terence Kawaja, the famed digital media M&A advisor, whose just-released 100-slide deck, inspired by Netflix’s House Of Cards, lays the industry bare. LUMA's State of Digital Media at DMS 16 […]


Videology Sees ‘Moneyball’ Comparison In Unified Video, Television Audiences

When people begin to equate digital video and television targeting to a hit Hollywood movie and things like “sabermetrics,” we know that things have changed in the TV world. To Scott Ferber, Chairman and CEO of Videology, the software provider for converged TV and video advertising, being able to integrate Nielsen data with information about […]