Shaw Media Innovates On TV Ahead Of Corus Sale

FORT LAUDERDALE — Earlier this month, a big media rumbling was felt in Canada, when multi-media group Corus Entertainment offered to buy TV channel operator Shaw Media for $2.65 billion. The deal would see Canadian media and telco company Shaw Communications exit the media ownership business, instead sticking with telecoms and broadcast network operation. So what would […]


Living Through The Age Of Fear, Uncertainty And Doubt: Furious’ Swartz

FORT LAUDERDALE — The advertising industry is going through enormous change. The internet has been fragmenting consumer behavior, taking analog ad dollars and now it is promising to overhaul TV. Sometimes, things are moving too fast. But, standing back to take a look, Furious Corp CEO Ashley J. Swartz says 2016 will bring a “reverence” that everyone […]


Big Year For Addressable, But Prime-Time Way Off: SMG’s Murtos

FORT LAUDERDALE — Although the advertising industry spent last year assessing ad tech vendor claims that addressable TV was ready for prime-time, things seemed to have settled in to a consensus in which many now realize the reality of wholesale change is not yet imminent. Ad agency SMG has already reported a tripling in client addressable […]


Rentrak’s Livek Relishes Advanced TV Targeting With comScore

FORT LAUDERDALE — Shareholders of comScore and Rentrak are due to vote on a merger of the two companies, via the former’s proposed acquisition of the latter, on Thursday, in a move that will be a big deal for the advertising and content measurement industry. The pair plan to combine to pool comScore’s online analytics nous with […]


Dynamic Ad Inventory Will Be Infinite: Cablevision’s Dolan

FORT LAUDERDALE — When many vendors think about the emerging technology “dynamic ad insertion” (DAI), they think about ads inserted, on the fly, in to live programming playing out through digital media. But what’s dynamic can also me added to what is static. New York cable operator Cablevision is eyeing up the application of dynamic ads […]


Banks Follow Autos To Addressable TV: Modi’s Thissen

FORT LAUDERDALE — Cars have proved that addressable TV advertising can work, now credit cards are ready to attest to its efficiency. The new concept means brands can advertise only to relevant segments of TV viewers, targeted at the household level, cutting out wasted spend. Joanna Thissen, targeted TV division at Modi Media, Group M’s division working […]


Invidi’s Addressable Horizons Expanding Fast: CEO Downey

FORT LAUDERDALE — “Addressable TV”, the practice of targeting individual households’ TV sets based on data characteristics, may have been the hot industry topic of 2015 – but Invidi, the Princeton, NJ-based ad tech vendor enabling broadcast operators with the technology, has already been doing so for 14 years now. The company already has traction, […]


Programmatic TV Needs Scale, Coming In 2017: Videa’s Adamczyk

FORT LAUDERDALE — A year ago, only 15% of US senior ad buyers reported using programmatic for TV ads, according to a survey. Herein lays the contradiction of this much-hyped technology – many are tantalized by the possibilities of super-targeting TV advertising and automating their trading, but the promise is not yet fully a reality. “Everyone proclaimed that […]


TV Will Start Looking Like Internet: FreeWheel’s Rothwell

FORT LAUDERDALE — They say you can’t teach an old dog new tricks – but that’s exactly what is going to happen in media, as old-fashioned linear TV begins learning some of the ad targeting tactics digital advertisers have long enjoyed. That change is happening because, as TVs or TV boxes get connected to the internet and […]


Alphonso’s Chordia On ‘Insane’ Targeting Possibilities

FORT LAUDERDALE — The world of advertising technology is opening up impressive prospects for ever more refined targeting of TV and video audiences. That is what we cover regularly here on Beet.TV, and that is the trend seen by Ashish Chordia, CEO of Alphonso, an ad tech company helping advertisers harness device data to target […]


Operative Customers Share The Ad ‘Partner Premium’

FORT LAUDERDALE — Some media companies, especially the smaller ones, just don’t have the kind of scaled inventory many advertisers are looking for. So Operative, an ad tech platform operator which lets publishers manage their online ad space, is encouraging some of its customers to pool their slots. The outfit says it is launching a program called “partner […]


GroupM’s Gotlieb: “We Refuse to Accept the IAB’s Viewability Standard”

FORT LAUDERDALE  –  If you want to price digital advertising appropriately, don’t just look at the rapidly-growing supply of inventory, look beneath the surface for what is really real. That’s according to veteran ad exec Irwin Gotlieb, the chairman of ad group GroupM. “Supply measured without taking in to account things like viewability and bought […]


Adobe’s Three Solutions For TV Everywhere

FORT LAUDERDALE — It may seem confusing to viewers in other parts of the world, but TV Everywhere is America’s system for ensuring cable TV subscribers can access their bundles on internet devices. Problem is, not too many consumers know that. Adobe, whose Primetime powers the authentication back-end that enables TV Everywhere, recognizes the problem. That’s why Adobe […]


The Importance Of Video Ad Measurement, By A+E’s Boykoff

FORT LAUDERDALE — Until now, effectively measuring digitally-bought video and TV ads has to discover true effectiveness has been a bit of a problem – but that’s set to change, according to US TV channel operator A+E Networks‘ digital analytics VP Lee Boykoff. “There was a mature measurement system in place for TV. As we moved into mobile […]


Programmatic Is Big, Just Don’t Call it That, MediaLink’s Matt Spiegel

FORT LAUDERDALE –  The state of automated media transactions and audience targeting with deep  data is growing quickly, but it should not be called “programmatic” explains  Matt Spiegel, SVP/GM, Data & Technology Solutions at MediaLink.. Programmatic isn’t a media platform, it isn’t a thing and the perception of the word is actually limiting the growth of […]


Cablevision’s Kristin Dolan: TV Addressability Helping Smaller Advertisers

FORT LAUDERDALE — New York cable TV company Cablevision‘s Total Audience has been making waves for allowing ad deals to benefit from super precision. But getting there hasn’t been a walk in the park. “Once the sales reps see incremental sales revenue … they become converts. But bringing the horse to water required a lot of time […]


Panel Debate: comScore vs. Nielsen vs. Rentrak: Finding Friction With Competing Ad Currencies

FORT LAUDERDALE — Fragmented content consumption has given rise to platforms that help advertisers and buyers aiming to put measurement back together. The only problem? They’re fragmented, too! Does any of this matter? Some marketers are becoming excited about the prospect of unifying ad measurements in to a single, holistic metric. But is that feasible? An entertaining panel convened at […]


Addressable Advertising Set for 4X Growth in the Year Ahead, AT&T AdWorks’ Monteferrante

FORT LAUDERDALE –  The opportunity for satellite and cable operators to serve specific ads on the household level, so called “addressable” advertising, is set to grow from 3-4X in the year ahead, making it the fast growing sector of the television business predicts Chris Monteferrante, VP of National Sales of AT&T AdWorks, in this interview with […]


AdMore Sees Rapid National Ad Growth with Unsold Local TV Inventory

AdMore, a platform which aggregates unsold local TV inventory into targeted buys for national advertisers, is seeing dramatic growth says CEO Brendan Condon in this interview with Beet.TV We spoke with him about untapped value of local television, establishments of a marketplace using Nielsen as the currency and the prospects for addressable advertising to become […]


Local TV Stations Embracing Targeted Advertising via New Routes, MediaLink’s Karl Spangenberg explains

FORT LAUDERDALE – We hear a lot about the opportunities for cable and satellite operators to glean rich data from set-top boxes and deliver “addressable” ads to specific consumers.   For local TV stations, that set-top information is not available. But other forms of data is actionable — and a consortium of nine local broadcast groups […]

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