FORT LAUDERDALE — It may seem confusing to viewers in other parts of the world, but TV Everywhere is America’s system for ensuring cable TV subscribers can access their bundles on internet devices. Problem is, not too many consumers know that.

Adobe, whose Primetime powers the authentication back-end that enables TV Everywhere, recognizes the problem.

That’s why Adobe Primetime business development director Jim Bennette says one of his “bet bets” for the next 24 months is: “Increasing TV Everywhere adoption in North America.”

“We’re only at, like, 13% of the households that have the ability to a chess content via TV Everywhere authentication,” he concedes. “We have multiple strategies to solve that problem:

  • “A lot of it is awareness. Consumers don’t even know they have rights to see content on their mobile phone via their cable subscription.”
  • “How do I get access to that content? Where do I log in?”
  • “Most people don’t know what the password and login is.”

“Solving those three problems are the key objectives that we’re executing on.” Bennette says part of the work will be helping TV companies deliver media campaigns to drive up consumer awareness.”

Hear Bennette discuss the rest of his priorities for the next two years in this video panel interview.


This video was produced at the Beet.TV executive retreat presented by Videology with Adobe, AT&T AdWorks and Nielsen.

The panel was moderated by Xaxis SVP Christine Beaumier.

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