Samsung Ads Explores Mobile-TV Ad Connection: Scott

SAN JUAN, PR — Samsung is preparing to tie together its mobile and connected TV ecosystems in an advertising services upgrade due later this year. In this townhall discussion for Beet.TV, Michael Scott, Samsung Ads’ head of brand sales in North America, was asked what role mobile plays in his connected TV offering. “We’re in […]


Data-Driven Means Data-Cleaning: Comscore’s Hinnant

SAN JUAN, PR — The new world of digital marketing promises advertisers the ability to link consumer outcomes like sales back to advertising exposure, and so to price ads accordingly. But the emerging focus on “attribution” and “outcomes” doesn’t come as easy as it sounds. “Data is not sexy,” Hinnant says, in this Beet Retreat […]


Just Do It: TVSquared’s Kinsella Urges Action On TV Attribution

SAN JUAN, PR — In the new world of advanced TV advertising, brands can measure consumer outcomes like website visits and product purchases, and link them back to actual TV ad exposure. But too few brands are doing so, because vested interests and a lack of action stand in the way. That is according to […]’s Sareyko: Educating Clients Improves Confidence and Business

SAN JUAN, PR–, a programmatic advertising and DSP platform launched 10 years ago, has been building trust with local media as it helps lead it into the new ways of the market. “With change, there’s a lot of education,” says Sandra Sareyko, the vp of platform sales, advanced TV and addressable at, during […]


Omnicom’s Steuer: The Industry Needs Standardization of Measurement

SAN JUAN, PR– In a landscape that values data, measurement, ROI, and other affirming selling points, why is it so hard to navigate? In a town hall with Ashley J. Swartz, CEO and founder of Furious Corp. at the Beet Retreat in San Juan, Jonathan Steuer, chief research officer at Omnicom Media Group, explored how […]


Many Agencies Still Have Media Silos: Amobee’s Smolin

SAN JUAN, PR — At this point, many executives in the advertising industry might have hoped that the mechanisms for buying traditional TV ads and new digital video ads would have aligned. But, whilst technology has brought buyers to that point, institutional factors mean many ad buyers still plan their clients’ spending in separate lanes. […]


Forrester’s Joanna O’Connell: There’s a Growing Imbalance in Advertising

SAN JUAN, PR– Joanna O’Connell and her team are conducting research looking at the future of advertising three to five years out. In a keynote at the Beet Retreat in San Juan in February, O’Connell, the vp and principal analyst at Forrester, assured that advertising is not going anywhere, but explained some warning signs about […]


NBCU’s Luongo: ‘Powerful Content Creates the Best Environment for Advertising’

SAN JUAN, PR– Adsmart, the advanced advertising unit at NBCU, has been a “petri dish” for testing and learning to see if cross-portfolio work was viable for the company to do as it moves toward its new One Platform solution. Covering all advanced advertising initiatives including digital programmatic, Adsmart’s approach breaks down silos, streamlines the […]


Roundel’s Hovorka: Tech Companies Need Humility When Working with Brands

SAN JUAN, PR– After conversations at the Beet Retreat in San Juan, Evan Hovorka, the director of business development at Roundel, thinks that brand needs could be more front and center. On stage with Beet.TV’s Jon Watts, Hovorka says that 15 years at Target has made his thinking brand-centric. “As a brand, I’m trying to […]


Adcuratio’s Narasimhan On Connecting Ad Spots

SAN JUAN, PR — For a company that has been around since 2017, Adcuratio has been awfully quiet. But that changed in December, when A+E Networks and DISH announced a deal that would leverage the Princeton, NJ-based outfit’s technology to help A+E offer national ad sales via its addressable services. “This has been a product […]


Linear & Advanced TV Are Better Together: NCSolutions’ Brothers

SAN JUAN, PR — They seem like two entirely different kinds of advertising tactic. But Lance Brothers doesn’t think linear and connected TV have to exist in two different strategies. In this video interview with Beet.TV, Lance Brothers, chief revenue officer of NCSolutions, the former Nielsen Catalina Solutions that helps brands target, measure and optimize […]


Attribution Is A House Of Cards: 605’s Levine

SAN JUAN, PR — The new opportunity to observe a consumer action and correlate it back to a TV ad view is a big deal. But it will count for nothing if it is not underpinned by a solid data foundation. So says Noah Levine, chief revenue officer at 605, a company helping advertisers buy […]


Privacy Regulations Will Spur Data Sharing: VideoAmp’s Parkes

SAN JUAN, PR – In the new world of marketing, a host of speed humps lay on the road ahead. GDPR, CCPA and other new privacy regulations challenge seek to limit companies’ use of consumers’ data. But Michael Parkes doesn’t see speed humps, he sees a ramp. “I actually think privacy is going to be […]


Commmonality Is Key: Samba TV’s Ackerman

SAN JUAN, PR — The ad industry needs to start talking the same language and cooperating on data sharing if all players are going to elevate to meet the opportunity of advanced targeting techniques. That is according to Dan Ackerman, Samba TV chief revenue officer. In this video interview with Beet.TV, Ackerman talks about the […]


Inside The Mouse’s Data House, With Disney’s McGraw

SAN JUAN, PR — Not many entertainment companies out there can claim the audience scale that Disney can. After several acquisitions like Pixar, Marvel, Lucasfilm and 21st Century Fox in recent years, that scale has growth even further, as the company also looks to develop a stronger relationship of its own with paying customers. In […]


Plug Connected TV’s Knowledge Gap: Innovid’s Chalozin

SAN JUAN, PR — With so many interconnecting points and possibilities in the new world of advanced TV ad targeting, ad buyers are getting confused about who is who, what is what, and how effective it is. That is the view of one technology leader who thinks simplicity needs to be restored. In this video […]


Matter More Media’s Scheppach: Linear TV Is On Its Way to Being 35% Addressable

SAN JUAN– We’re at the tipping point for addressable. In an interview with Alan Wolk of TVREV at the Beet Retreat earlier this month in San Juan, Tracey Scheppach, CEO of Matter More Media, explained that we’re now on the right path to increase the addressable inventory. Scheppach was a pioneering advance TV senior executive, […]


Nielsen’s Addressable TV Beta Focusing On ‘Mechanics’

SAN JUAN, PR — Nielsen is working with seven US TV networks to beta-test addressable TV advertising technology, ahead of a planned full launch later this year. A+E Networks, AMC Networks, ViacomCBS, Discovery, Fox, NBCUniversal and WarnerMedia will run dynamically swapped-out ads ads in live linear TV feeds, under the scheme launched in January. “The […]


Dentsu’s Maggie Zhang: ‘Measurement Is Not Just the Output’

As more video sources become available, the landscape is becoming fragmented. In an interview with Beet.TV, Maggie Zhang, executive vice president of video research and insights at Dentsu Aegis Network, discussed the data-access challenges and opportunities in today’s television industry. Consumers today are screen-agnostic, and watch content from anywhere. Yet with these evolved consumption habits, […]


Addressable Scale Is Growing: LiveRamp’s Prasad

SAN JUAN, PR — Advertisers should embrace the new opportunity to use their own audience data to buy targeted ads not just on digital platforms but on TV. That is according to a tech exec who says “addressable” technology is coming on stream faster than ever. In this video interview with Beet.TV, Jay Prasad, chief strategy […]

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