VIEQUES, PR — Supply-side platform DashBid has a big stake in video advertising, so it’s naturally bullish on video ads, but the company believes publishers with quality content with persuade users to accept the ads as part of the value equation.

DashBid CEO Tom Herman says that while he doesn’t think ad blocking of display ads is a massive problem, the prospects for video ads are much better because they’re harder to prevent from appearing.

“Video ads can be inserted server-side by stitching them directly into the content stream and that basically makes it very difficult for an ad blocker to function,” Herman says.

And besides, what do people do when they’re waiting for a video to start and there is no video there?

“An ad blocker isn’t going to be able to make the video start 15 or 30 seconds earlier,” he adds. “Legitimate publishers are going to find ways to encourage their users to accept ads when they are done in the proper format.”

Nonetheless, DashBid has high hopes for a product it’s been working on that prevents the blocking of video ads and has a separate benefit as well.

“One of the challenges with OTT video ads is that many of the end points don’t allow for the execution of things like VPAID,” the Video Player-Ad Interface Definition, according to Herman. “Our new solution allows VPAID ads to execute in an OTT environment without the advertiser needing to change the format in any way.”

This video was produced at the Beet.TV executive retreat presented by Videology. You can find more videos from the session here.