VIEQUES, PR — Publishers are getting more aggressive with and knowledgeable about their inventory across platforms while legacy systems try to adapt to the demands of converged advertising.

These insights were shared by Brent Gaskamp, SVP, Corporate Development, NA, Videology, who also predicts that publishers will consolidate the systems they now use.

Publishers share the challenge of finding the quickest and most efficient route on the path to ad convergence.

“It’s a combination of how do I merge my existing digital assets [with] this incredible growing pool of inventory that’s in OTT and VOD,” says Gaskamp. “Also, how does that all come together with my traditional linear business in a way that allows me to holistically plan and sell media with the application of data across all of it?”

Historically, across all the stacks there are legacy systems that either need to be updated or integrated with others “to give them a unified view of the world,” according to Gaskamp.

“It’s no longer a world where publishers are going to know the least about their inventory. I think they’re going to get smarter and know more and understand even proactively how to package and sell that inventory and use less systems to manage their portfolio.”

This video was produced at the Beet.TV executive retreat presented by Videology. You can find more videos from the session here.