BrightRoll Launches Mobile Video Real-Time Bidding Platform

Last month, BrightRoll, the big video advertising services company announced the launch of a real-time bidding exchange for mobile video, the industry’s first the company said.


IAB’s Seneca Mudd on the Fast Growth of the Real-Time Buying of Mobile Video Ads

The real-time buying of mobile video advertising is quickly growing with the rise in consumption and the ermergence of exchanges and other real-time buying technologies says Seneca Mudd, Director of Industry Initiatives for the IAB, the global trade group for digital publishers.


Adobe Readies Programmatic Ad Buying with ‘Efficient Frontier’ Acquisition

With its acquisition of Efficient Frontier late last year, Adobe is set to enter the world of programmatic ad buying, says David Karnstedt, SVP and GM of Adobe Media and Advertising Solutions, in this interview with Beet.TV


BrightRoll’s Sacerdoti: Mobile Ad Revenue Rising Fast

San Francisco-based BrightRoll, the biggest independent video ad property*, according to comScore, expects to book as much as half of its revenue around mobile video in 12 months, says CEO Tod Sacerdoti, CEO, in this interview with Beet.TV


Microsoft Expects 100K Apps for Windows 8 in 90 Days, 400 Million Users by July

Later this month Microsoft will debut Window 8, an app-like interface which appears the same across the desktop, tablet, phone and Xbox.  The apps provide a big advertising opportunity for the company and its publishing partners, says Keith Lorizio, VP, U.S. Sales & Marketing, in this interview with Beet.TV


Adobe Takes Manhattan with Starring Roll at Advertising Week

Adobe, historically known in the media world for its creative tools and the Flash ecosystem, has positioned itself this week in Manhattan as an integrated advertising and media services company with a high-profile sponsorship of Advertising Week.


AOL Launches “One-Stop Shop” Apps for Videos from HuffPost LIve, TechCrunch, BBC., Martha Stewart

AOL today announced the introduction of apps for the smartphone and tablet, surfacing up some 420,000 videos of AOL-owned properties including HuffPost Live and TechCrunch and many others from syndication partners including the BBC and Martha Stewart. 


Microsoft Readies ‘Richer, More Immersive” Video Environment with Windows 8

Later this month, Microsoft will launch Windows 8 and with it a "richer, more immersive experience" for consumer, presenting new opportunities for video producers and advertisers, says Microsoft spokesperson Bill Hankes in this interview with Beet.TV


AOL Links with Google’s YouTube for Original Content Syndication

AOL, the fastest-growing video destination in the United States, has linked a deal to publish its original videos on YouTube as a means to gain additional scale, says Ran Harnevo, SVP for Video at AOL On, in this interview with Beet.TV